Brief CV of Grant Small

Grant Small, with more than 32 years industry experience, is the director of Ngenious Business Solutions is vastly experienced in the Corporate Industrial Sector, and in particular the Motor Industry Sector, as well as Product Research and Development.

After spending 6 years in the claims division of Price Forbes and Dewar Rand, he spent 4,5 years as a Corporate Risk Manager for the FSI Group, which at the time was one of the largest industrial holdings company in South Africa. He then joined Price Forbes as an Account Executive on Strategic Corporate and Commercial Accounts at Alexander Forbes. Appointed Industry Sector Leader for Automotive and Transportation Sector where he was responsible for international insurance programmes for Motor Manufacturing sector. Responsible for insurance programmes of the leading transportation companies in South Africa, including the handling of Corporate, Commercial and Personal Insurances of key personnel at clients.

Later as a founding member of the Cre8 team at Alexander Forbes, he headed up the Products Research and Development team. Whilst there he led a number initiatives and was responsible for developing a number of new initiatives and products. During this time he also developed a comprehensive product development methodology.

In 2008 founded Ngenious Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd to be an independent product development resource to the insurance industry, including brokers, insurers and service providers. Over the past 8 years Ngenious Business Solutions has consulted to:

  • Innovation Group in relation to product development in the Motor Warranty and Service Plan market segment as well as designing motor claims outsourcing solutions for the insurance industry.
  • Was been involved in repositioning iBureau (previously Maven) in the product distribution and facility management business.
  • Training at Indwe Risk Services.
  • Developing an Advanced Broker Training course for brokers.
  • Assisting with Etana Municipal Facility
  • Assisting ACE Insurance Company distributing products.
  • Building a broker book with focus on Professionals (Auditors, Engineers, etc)
  • Developed Alexander Forbes Commercial Insurance Product
  • Developed elearning material for Lion of Africa and Innovation Group