General Training


In an economic downturn there is often a need to cut certain costs from a business.  These cost cutting exercises are often catalysts for innovation and creativity within the organisation and can assist both in the short term and long term.  However a sustainable business can never be built through cost cutting exercises.  To develop a sustainable business requires an investment mindset.

Unfortunately too often the training and development budget is an easy target and managers cut spending in this area of the business.  Training and development of human capital must be seen as “mission critical”.

“An organisations ability to learn, and translate learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”Jack Welch - CEO General Electric


Based on our experience within the Insurance Industry, we are able to provide a wide range of training. The industry generally has a very well structured set of training courses which are aimed at providing the participants with the prerequisite technical knowledge. We have however discovered that there is a need to transfer more than mere knowledge . Our aim is to transfer the skills necessary to deliver a wide range of courses which not only transfer knowledge but rather enable skills development


The ability to provide a professional service in any highly skilled environment requires more that just a technical knowledge of the product and / or service. It is essential that each and every employees is fully committed and engaged in ensuring that the company in which they are employed is successful.

We provide a number of soft skills courses, such as team leadership, presentation skills, creative and innovative thinking, creative problem solving and customer service skills.