Our Fee Structure

Ngenious Business Solutions has a flexible pricing strategy to suit a variety of different requirements. Every client’s needs are different and therefore we are able to structure our pricing strategy for each given situation. The various pricing options that we have available are as follows:

Experience is a good school. But the fees are high.Heinrich Heine
In the event that a client needs ongoing support to develop a product development strategy or any other project where the skills that we possess may be required, then we can be engaged on a monthly retainer basis.
Our primary method of pricing is a project based fee. Based on the scope of a project and the expected number of hours required, a project price is calculated. This methodology allows for a certain degree of “price certainty” and also allows for proper deadline management.
In certain instances our services may only be required for a short period of time or a minimal number of days. Based on the proposed number of days, a daily rate will be proposed. This is usually for smaller short term projects, product development facilitation sessions or strategy development days.
Our training courses are priced for a minimum of 1 day. These prices are for a maximum participation of 16 to 20 persons. This is the maximum number of participants allowed to ensure that there is adequate participation and engagement by all attendees.
Some of the courses will be priced on a per persona basis.

Some of the courses may have a duration of up to 3 days and are priced accordingly.

All prices quoted exclude direct costs such as travel, accommodation, venue hire and printing. These costs are either invoiced for separately or arranged and paid for by the client.