What our clients say?

  • “Grant is a lateral thinker who combines this with a solid technical insurance background . He is aware of trends in the industry and is able to bring this to bare in his solutions . His work is reasonably priced and the results are good value for money.”
  • peter-olyott
  • “Grant is a technical competent advisor on strategy and sales enablement relating to the Insurance Industry. Grants view of future business scenarios is accurate and can be relied on with confidence. He is a detailed oriented professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained in the industry as a broker and a consultant. He excels in the field of Research and Development and has an entrepreneurial view for new product and service development. Grant has the ability to also implement the detail of the new product and a service developed and with his strong technical background completes the lifecycle from concept design through to delivery and on-going support. Grant has the ability to transfer knowledge and skill as he designs training and skill development programmes and delivers these to student participants in an effective and interesting way.”

  • jorg-schwarze
  • “Grant has great insight, character and is a visionary thinker who is able to create order out of chaos. He has particular skills in being able to take a vision or goal and create pragmatic plans in order to give traction to an organisation in achieving the desired result.

    He has a great work ethic and is a person who can be depended upon; he is trustworthy and has a high ethic and moral disposition..”

  • photo-of-graham-maritz
  • I have used Grant for two projects and he has lived up to my expectation  in both the research he has done for PSG and participation in our annual road show delivered excellent performance. It is not often in the Insurance industry where you an individual being excellent in knowledge related to product , market and distribution.

    We received excellent feedback from our Financial Advisers that attended our national road show , and amongst all the presenters Grant was certainly our keynote speaker.

    Grant, you are an asset to our partnership and adds value and takes the time to understand the needs of his clients.

  • photo-of-bertus-visser
  • “Grant Small is not only innovative when it comes to opportunities but has the ability to innovate around problem solving and people management. His leadership thus is direct in terms of seeing the ‘issues’ at stake while maintaining the priority of keep people well resourced, empowered and engaged. Grant is reliable, responsible and resourceful in bringing both his experience and skills, in leading people and leading change, to the fore for the benefit of all. He is a man of integrity and that is huge asset to any team in dealing with both people and finances.”

  • dj-mcphail